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American military wife of Afghan (Tajik) said:

Response to Afghan
While I appreciate your opinion (in my country you can have & voice your opinion) I think you are talking out of selfishness. I KNOW there are Pashtoon & Tajik Afghans who are happy coalition forces are in Afghanistan helping them get on their feet. The persons being deprived are the Taliban, from oppresing their own people. I happen to know that the majority of the Taliban is Pashtoon. Hope that in the time that has passed, your opinion has changed and now view us as friends, not selfish persons (selfish? What are WE gaining from you? We are doing it for YOU & your future generation)
January 04, 2011
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Afghan said:

Why do you waste your and our times ? ????
We Afghans nowunderstand that the USA and NATO is just wasting time being there in Afghanistan.
There are plenty of innocent human beings died and nothing happened no peace solution no peace to be provided to the people. no warlord is captured and prosecuted , no terrorist is targeted in Iran and Pakistan.
I really see your status waste of life there , I am not against humans but i as a human advice each one of you to always act realistic and on the demand of humanity not on the demand of selfishness. the whole International forces in Afghanistan is wasting time and did nothing than dividing tribes and depriving the majority Afghans (Pashtoons) .
March 06, 2010
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Thanks_173rd_Airborne said:

Ken, I'm so happy for you and Nate. Everything you guys do is really interesting to us. You have to understand that what might seem mundane to you and Nate is something that helps fill in the gaps of our understanding of Afghanistan.At the same time, I can appreciate how frustrating the waiting must have been. Although I'm sure you have a ton of topics you hope to address, I would like to hear what some of our military service folks and the Afghans in Herat area have to say about being so close to Iran. Is Iran the 900 pound gorrilla in western Afghanistan, or is Iran a big non-issue? Can't wait for your next report.

One other thought, and this really is not related to the above, but your video from the C-130 made me stop and think. Can you imagine how different the Afghan military mission would be if ISAF did not have air suppremacy? I must add add air suppremacy to my list of I-am-thankful-for things.
March 06, 2010
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