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Fred said:

Great Project
Hi thanks for showing us the Afghanistan outside the news. I watched a few days now and will continue to also watch the others!

Friends of mine are setting up a project that will partly also be taking place in Afghanistan: I hope you and they are succesfull and there will be more understanding on both sides and further progress on all the issues.

Thx and a safe and interesting journey!
March 11, 2010
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Afghan said:

Afghans never oppress their women ..
Actually thanks for your videos but let me remind you that the oppression , rape, and bad things happening to an afghan women are recently a bigg issue which is a gift of foreign USA+ NATO international forces to our Afghan society. Afghans are 99 % muslims and most of the victums are oppressed by the international forces rather to help. USA and NATO should have studied Afghan society culture and history then they should have decided to intervene. the mistakes which are unforgiveable has attempted and Afghans have been used as a chemical substance which the chemists use in a leboratory.
It is a heartbreaking moment for a single Afghan to see another USSR after two decades of war who act the same as old red army and kill innocent people without any responsibility for their lives. The international forces will never winn the war against the Afghan people , Afghans have their traditional codes of honours and they do respect people but if they stranger respects them too. As the woman says that Afghans have shame on their stories , thats not right , women rights are preserved by a single afghan but not by the WARLORDS ( SAYAF , RABANI , MUJADADI, DOSTUM, ATA NOOR, QANOONI, KARZAI, ISMAIL KHAN ) and some so on. what you people always do is a wrong resemblance of an Afghan wartorn society with an extream American democracy , both are too different by religious perspect, by cultural differences , by manners and ethics. you people should stop supporting the Northernalliance criminals , they are who are trading of Heroin and opium . they have bigg mafia businesses and the tyny Taliban are only against the Northernalliance factions , they do not hate foreign people , but those who support the northernalliance. there are three main groups of the Taliban. 1) of Mulah Omar an afghan Taliban leader, 2) Mullah Haqani an afghan and pakistani multi-muslim talian leader. 3) Dadullah the Afghan and arabian + chechin taliban leader. they are all fighting against the same target and sometimes kill innocent people among the most but its all the wrong policy of the NATO and USA that they do not attak Pakistan and Iran for that . they are the main helpers and supplyers of the Taliban today . all the strategy is wrong , the so called afghan government members are illoyal to the USA and to the international security assistance, they play dobble moral and bubble standard politics .they are happy with mony and have created a bigg gapp between the poor and rich of the society which makes most of the Afghans to hate to cooperate with the government. the Government is corrupt and they only share the international aids in between them and their relatives not with the whole nation.
You people should not waste your time , nor is important to support the corruptionists . from the new research of the UNISCO it shows that 80% warlords , banditts and criminals are having link with the high rank of the government posts and they committ most of the social crimes than the Taliban . most of the criminals now blame everything on the Taliban because they see the opportunity to have their way clean and see one stamped criminal pretext " Terrorism" . there has been no open pedofily in Afghan society but in these 8 years of USA occupation created this term and submitted it as a democratic term and action of the society which curbed the reformations and stability. every day dozzens of kids get kidnapped by the northernalliance warlords for their exploration and exploitation. they use kids as a slave . why the international community doesnt do anything about this issue? thats why the international community cant winn the war instead they provoe people to stand against them.
March 07, 2010
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