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Ken Raimondi said:

The rain thing drives us nuts. I'm no expert on these things but it seems strange that flights get canceled all the time due to weather. I haven't seen any difference regarding airframes. If it's it wet out...expect cancellations and delays. I'll keep your question handy though and see if we can get a better answer on it.


ps...We should get more donkeys! lol
March 01, 2010
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Stef said:

Nice story about the donkey. Hehe...

Question(s) about the constantly canceled flights:
Is it normal that these planes can't fly in rain? Is this the result of the lack of air traffic control/radar coverage in Afghanistan compared to developed countries? It it because the German C-160s are somewhat flimsy compared to the C-130? Can C-130s fly in those conditions?
March 01, 2010
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