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Debbie said:

Another mom here
I echo what June said... very helpful to have a view of what life is like there. I think I will review the shopping bazaar video again and pick out something for my son to bring back for me smilies/smiley.gif
March 01, 2010
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Thanks_173rd_Airborne said:

The Bazaar
Ken, thanks for doing the video on the shopping bazaar. I've heard lots of soldiers speak of shopping in their local bazaar. I always wondered what they looked like and what it would be like to shop there. Thanks for sharing this with us.Like most people, I'm trying to put all of the jumbled pieces of Afghanistan together, and it's reports like this that give us a visual reference plus we get to see and hear from the merchants. I would never have gotten this kind of information from commercial media.
March 01, 2010
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Ken Raimondi said:

Thanks for the kind words! I did see Hurt Locker... great movie. smilies/smiley.gif Not sure if we will make it out to Fenty but if we do I promise to ask around. Hope this project helps you feel closer to what he's doing.

February 28, 2010
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June said:

I watched all of the days last night. It really helped during this quiet time of waiting.
February 28, 2010
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June said:

Mother of a soldier at fob Fenty
smilies/smiley.gifThank you for the wonderful, educational, culture crossing, documentary on what is happening in Afghanistan. My son is a maintenence specialist. I have not heard from him since January 26th. He is a very funny, thoughtful person who also said he loves to be in Afghanistan. Fenty is near Jalabad where many semi precious stones have been mined for thousands of year for the world. If you go there could you look up Andy Lasky and tell him I said Hi! He is part of the 1613 Eng Co. from Indiana. Have you seen the movie Hurt Locker? You should if you have not. Thank you again and God Bless your work.
February 28, 2010
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